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For those that prefer listening to reading, here’s my recent blog about supporting Tape Face and what silence in comedy means to me, read in my very own dulcet tones. Whatever dulcet means. Is it like dulce de leche? Sweet! (Literally).

My friend Helen Arney (and a couple of other people who I have not met but are clearly cool dudes) did this.

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Marc Maron has been one of my favourite stand-ups since 2006, when I found his first two albums. I saw him at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007 where, despite a small and initially unresponsive audience, he created a unique and brilliantly funny Fringe experience. Now, thanks to his WTF podcast, he is fairly well-known here in Blighty and about time too!

This is not a video of his stand-up, but rather his “State of the Industry” keynote speech at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival. It’s interesting, funny and truthful. Enjoy!


Watch The Debuts Of 8 Legendary Stand Up Comedians On The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson


It’s easy to forget that every successful comedian’s act and career is always a work in progress and rarely is what you see from them now the same thing you saw them from them when they first launched their career.

But thanks to the magic of YouTube, it’s now easy to look back and study what many legendary comedians were doing in the early days of their career. So, I thought I’d compile some video examples of that in this post to inspire and educate you.

Check out these debut appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson of 8 stand up comedians who would go on to become some of the most successful comics of all time.

I’m not sure about tumblr

The bot emailed me to tell me someone is following me and used the phrase/letters “OMG”.

I am not a fan of such abbreviations. Also, I am not religious.

Maybe one day I will use “OSEG” (Oh, someone else’s god) or “OMRBS” (Oh, my rational belief system) but I doubt it.

Useful Comedy Advice #3: Mike Birbiglia's guide to storytelling

Mike Birbiglia is pretty much my favourite comedian not named Kitson. Or Demetri. Or Louis CK. OK, he’s in my top 5. A comedy colleague/friend of mine said my Edinburgh show was a bit “Birbiglia”, which I took as a huge compliment.

If you don’t know him, he’s a brilliant storyteller that plays on his beta-male-ness and ability to get himself into awkward situations.

The excellent Onion AV Club website ran this article in which he gives his take on storytelling. It is sprinkled* with videos of him in action, and well worth a read/watch.

*I originally put “littered” here, but that suggests the videos are rubbish. They are not. “Sprinkled” seems a bit more positive, as most people like sprinkles on their desserts, right? Although I have heard “sprinkle” used to mean wee-wee, so…

USEFUL COMEDY ADVICE #2b: Louis CK on George Carlin

A video of Louis CK talking about George Carlin, and how if you want to be a great comedian you have to throw out your old material and start again.